The charm hotel collection UniqueStays- life at ease ® gathers a set of services that connects you to the hotel experience: welcome gifts,  personalized transfer service, and mustn't we forget to mention rememberances and exclusive upgrades on the  "Unique Personality" card, as always with the upmost warranty of comfort and authenticity. Discover our "at ease" world.



Surprised by cold foggy mornings that turn into sunny afternoons, where the sun stays longer day by day, we gaze. Flowers burst on bare branches and renewal and revival thoughts come to mind. Long weekends and holidays color our calendars and our spirit gets restless ans screams out lound for a holiday trip. New memories and stories are needed! Ahhh the pleasure of not making the bed, the delight of our body lying at the sun in a porch and the amazing (forgotten) sense of not having to look at your phone for the simple enjoyment of time and contemplation. We are passionate about the little things that are giants when it comes to our satisfaction: the prepared bedrooms with care, the uncomplicated services and providance of moments at our own will and style: at ease!<meta name="p:domain_verify" content="15fe127bb0d615b04ad99ea01fd2e71b" />









ALMA DO PICO_unique nature and spirit

> from 91€

Among two hectares of pine and cedar forest, we find this amazing wooden-cabins. The Ocean in one hand, on the other Pico's Mountain.

In the main house we find teh restaurant, but not an ordinary one, an italian- nacionality of the owners, former success ITs of a multinational brand. The restaurant serves fresh food from their ground, on bio mode. On the living room windows are authentic panoramic frames with sea view, inviting a wonder outside.



A_for ALMA (Soul)


An hotel with a SPA is a total body tease. Here we go beyong teasing, for there is an entire floor dedicated to well-being here!


Countless treatment rooms (massages for 2, vichy treatments, vine therapy, and so on) not forgetting the indoor pool (you can never be sure with the weather), eucalyptus essence at the turkish bath, so necessary for the skin and respiratory system, and offcourse the sauna...





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