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North Cycling Route - Serene & Secret Paths of Portugal

Minho | Viana do Castelo | Valvosende | Mondim de Bastos| Provesende | Marialva

A unique experience that invites you to slow down and deeply connect with nature and local culture.

With  reach pedal stroke, feel the wind on your face, hear the sound of nature, and enjoy the freedom and peace that only a bicycle trip can offer. 

A eco- friendly itinerary that provides a sustainable alternative to fast and impersonal travel, allowing you to savor every moment of the journey

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The Journey starts in Minho and ends in Marialva. Ideal for tho who relish active days and outdoor pursuits, it beckons to individuals seeking fresh adventures beyond their comfort zones. This journey invites you to discover the unseen corners of Norther Portugal.


Amidst stunning landscape and charming villages, you'll pedal through lush vineyards and picturesque routes, savouring every moment at a leisurely pace.

Explore Discover and Immerse Yourself in the untouched beauty of Norther Portugal by Bike


This day is reserved for your arrival in the Minho region. We start this adventure in Vila Meã, next to the Minho River and the border with neighboring Spain. We are in the region of Vinho Verde, sausages and smoked meats, aromatic herbs, and traditional sweets or jams. It is by tasting these small wonders and enjoying the space at Hotel Minho that we get to know each other and prepare for the cycling ahead.


The Experience

Mountains & Vineyards


Porto - Marialva

E- Bikes

Stays in 6 Boutique Hotels

Wine Taste

Breakfast, Snacks & Dinner

7 Days


Guided Tour

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01 to 08

October of 2024


3 500€

11 to 18

March of 2025


Coming Soon

13 to 20

May of 2025


Coming Soon

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