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Casas do Coro

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Comfortable atmosphere in inviting rooms, panoramic terraces with landscape to lose sight of, valleys, hills, mountains and a land full of life to count and enjoy on adventurous land tours (the night tour recommended by the House is phenomenal!). Gourmet meals, wine from the winery and vineyard of the property, shop with irresistible aromas and suggestions for the senses, jacuzzi, sauna and an impressive swimming pool overlooking the walls attach us to this house, prolonging our stay indefinitely...


- 24 Rooms 
- Restaurant
- Bar/Snacks
- Outdoor Pool
- Sauna
- Jacuzzi
- Free Wi-Fi

Not to miss

Enjoy the regional breakfast with bread baked in a wood oven, jams, fresh fruit juice, cheeses from the inner edge and freshly baked cakes. Read a book in the garden under an olive tree.

Project Image.jpg


Price from: 190€

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