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Cooking and Nature - Emotional Hotel

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A hotel designed in the conviviality between friends, with primacy to the moments lived at the table and in the kitchen. Every night there is live cooking where the master chef is the guest, with guidance from the staff. It is a fun and relaxed hotel, for an uncompromised and surely lively service: with 12 rooms, Cooking & Nature is a hotel with restaurant service, SPA, indoor and outdoor swimming pool...


- 12 Rooms
- Restaurant and Bar
- Free Wi-fi
- Indoor and Outdoor Pool
- Meeting Room
- Children's Area
- Porch with swings and gardens
- Free Bikes
- Cooking Lessons​​

Not to miss

Warm up at the outside campfire to the evening, as if remembering other times of childhood. Experience and live each room- as they are themed and tell different stories.

Project image.jpeg


Price from: 169€

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