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CoolRooms Palácio Villapanés

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In the midst of busy Seville finds a rest for the soul and body. The view of the city gains another glow from the top of the hotel, a place where you can lie in the sun, relax and put your worries aside. Explore the hotel, its courtyards full of charms and stories, the careful décor and beautiful tiles. Services: with 50 rooms including suites, the hotel has room service, free wi-fi internet, babysitting service and the possibility to rent bicycles. 


- 50 Rooms and Suites
- Room Service
- Free Wi-Fi
- Babysitting Service
- Bike Renting

Not to miss

Eat tapas on the garden terrace, bathe in the pool at the top of the hotel.

Project image.jpg


Price from: 260€

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