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6 things we need to take on a Roadtrip

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Let's assume the facts, packing is a drama, and thinking about saving space is another! Inspired? The first trip of our life is the one where we look at the world that is a suitcase and think about how we are going to make the pin to put "all" the essentials inside...

Well, today I come to take a weight off you. Let's take a deep breath, count to a thousand, and start the exercise.

Essentials of first necessity, yes, that's exactly what you are thinking, let's do the wheel of minimalism. Ready?

1. Underwear, that's exactly what you read, and I bet it's wearing in your ears. To calculate this with the maximum effectiveness, think about the days that are out and add two pieces to the total, just in case!

2. Personal Hygiene Products, let's be honest, if we want to cause a sensation where we go through, we must whim the glamorous minimalism of this topic. Right is that the first impression counts and a lot and, for that, our smell degree too. In troubled times, do not forget and daily classic of the mask and the disinfectant gel. Attention, do not exaggerate in quantities and put all necessary creams, foams, and the like in jars up to 100ml even if the trip is by car. Minimalism, right?

3. Clothes, this one cannot really fail, otherwise they run the serious risk of returning with a whole new cabinet. A delicate subject that needs to be de-dramatized. Oh...and, the pants for the morning, afternoon, night? There is, but it is exactly that, a pair of pants for several moments of the day and several days, preferably. Let's think that a pair of jeans can be the best ally of a mega trip. Bear in mind that dark tone pants like black is always a good option to change since you end up noticing less, in case you get dirty. Two pairs, one week? Perfect! As for the top, yes, it's allowed, to take depending on the occasion, but, no exaggeration... Oh, and a jacket, depending on the season, should be included! But, remember, the bag needs to go a little more empty to add the recuerdos!

4. Shoes and Socks, inseparable? Depending on the season, I would say they are almost inseparable! You have to go down to earth and realize that yes, it's going to be difficult, to leave-that-shoe-you-like-and-want-to-show-to-the-world? Truly, uncomplicated is the right expression! To walk you just need a pair of sneakers, here you have to be careful, they are the cutest "sneaks" you have. Shoes? Yes, if the goal is to participate in something more classic, that's valid, ONE pair!!!

5. Documents and Map, two strong allied, that never let us down. From identification in the suitcase to the Citizen's Card, Health Card, vaccines, allergies, and so the Map! Believe me, GPS is a friend but, there are places where it says nothing more than "recalculating..." and even a Saint will get impatient. Of course, it's always possible to use the magic of locals, but...don't go, our friend, weave them.

6. Sunglasses and Gadgets, really, we also surrender to this one... I had to leave the style to last but, it is one, always present in our life. Enjoy the sun or the snow without hurting the eyes. Taking the best photos ever with the sound of our music, they can be things that we want with us and therefore, with a minimalist vision, it is allowed to take style and communication with us.

If they said you had three hours before you left for the unknown, how would you organize the suitcase?

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