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Architecture and Interior Design, as any other manifestation of art, has to be seen and observed in a unique way, as each person interprets it differently. This art must have the power to catch the attention of our visitors, appealing our senses and give us an unconscious happiness. Therefore, a sensory environment causes and enriches our experience, involving us in a way that can create and retrieve memories, developing connections with space.

Interior Design has the capacity of transmitting and unconscious happiness.

It is very important to think about how we encourage each of our senses in our environment, enhancing the most of the experience of our visitors. This comes from the concept, the message we want to be transmitted in each environment or situation, the references that we want to use or the memories we want to keep.

Always creating appealing and harmonious spaces (aesthetic/functional balance and whole/details), our five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) give another dimension to each space. A shape or color, a hot or cold surface, the multitude of existing materials allows us to cause different psychological impacts, all intrinsically connected to our senses that allow us to explore every space in a revolutionary way.

Vision: in all spaces, it's most obvious. Our eyes fix on the light, the colours, volumes, shapes, distribution of furniture and decorative objects, in the occupation of empty and filled spaces, in the prints and images, in the brightness and transparency. We try to organize and incorporate all these elements in space, with a functional and aesthetic purpose, in order to obtain a harmonious and creative result.

Hearing: external sounds, under which we have little or no power that invade our home, have a direct influence on our well being. On the other hand, we have the internal sounds (those which we can control), such as television, computer, music, appliances, among others, with which we can live in harmony. The sounds help to create the mood we want and can bring memories.

Smell: it's the sense that causes the first impression, even before vision. The smell has an unbelievable power to awaken our memory, to carry us to another place. Think of the smell of wood, natural leather, flowers on the table, the incense, our pet, the laundry, etc. Everything leads us to some feelings, some memories.

Taste: not all, but certain environments exploit the taste like no other. The kitchen, by definition, brings out this sense when we integrate a fruit basket or coolers that stimulate appetite (orange, red, etc.) because flavours carry meaning.

Touch: through texture we create points of interest and sensory stimulation. Since feeling the cold floor barefoot and the tired body relaxing on a soft couch, we use the entire body to interact with the environment. The textures of materials have a huge responsibility on how we perceive the environment and feel it and therefore the simple choice between linen and twill is not purely aesthetic. There is nothing better than feeling the softness of the fabrics, the texture of objects and plants, the roughness of stones and wood, as well as comfort of upholstery.



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