And how are our hotels adapting?

Updated: May 27

We all know that over time the word "adaptation" has a lot of power. It's what moves us and helps us to grow. It's through it that we remain in the market and it is also with it that we attract new customers and maintain the confidence of those who are already ours.

And this new time that has emerged "forced us" to adapt faster, but also more cautiously. Unique Stays and some of its hotels have created the "Small is Beautiful, Small is Safer" initiative, which covers a set of measures required by Unique Stays and the Health Seal of Turismo de Portugal.

Each hotel designed its own reopening, hygiene and safety measures, but there are also commercial and attitude measures for our hotels. Meet them ;)

1. All hotels, which are part of the initiative, have cancellations up to 48 hours and Vouchers valid for 2 years

2. There are hotels that have opted for breakfast in the room, mini bar menus, rates with meals included and / or exclusive gastronomic activities

3. Regarding the exclusive programs, we have, according to each hotel: Houses, Saunas, Massages, Relaxation programs (such as yoga classes) and access to swimming pools, etc. Some of these programs are by appointment.

4. Rooms with private terraces and balconies

5. And in order to enjoy the best that nature has, we have rooms with views over the sea, walks and nature walks ...

Small is beautiful, small is safer ;)

By: Carolina Fernandes



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