Enchanted Seville

Andalusia could be, just by itself an enormous country! Of the 910 kilometres of coastline of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, it is right inside that the capital Seville dazzles, or wasn't the city a mandatory point of passage for travellers, heading to Africa or Europe. And it was exactly that charm that seduced us when we first saw the city, upon discovering the Palace Villapenes Alma Sevilha...

Authentic, exclusive, moorish

In Seville we find a remnant of the authentic feudal Spain.

An antique palace transformed into a charming hotel, AlmaSevilla brings with it the noble narrative of Marquis Manuel Lopéz Pintado... in a manifestation of aristocratic exclusiveness.

The Moorish style adorns the palace but it is Andalusia's hospitality that warms it. The hotel's environment speaks of former, chivalrous times and tell us the story of Seville in its entire splendour. The service is personalised and the stay is unique and unforgettable.

The Tapas Bar, with panoramic views over the city, proves to be the perfect spot for a drink or some Spanish Tapas. At the restaurant, we can scent and taste the best Andalusian and Mediterranean gourmet dishes. The traditional savers have a modern look and are accompanied by a fine selection of wines and liquors.

The Wellness Centre has sauna, Turkish bath, gym, body treatments, massages and a SPA located in the hotel's terrace overlooking Seville.

The most refined intimate stay hides in the exclusivity and comfort of this Sevillian palace.

One breaths history in every corner os AlmaSevilla. The architectural style is the Baroque but the Moorish details stand out combined with a minimalist contemporary design. We highlight the thin, elegant columns of the central courtyard, the décor of the domes, the ceramic tiles, suggestive visual elements of Southern Spain.

In the gardens and courtyards we find shadows, palm trees and orange trees tempting us to read a book and drink a glass of Andalusian wine. The emblematic coat of arms of the Villapanés family, owners of the palace until 2007, grants the tone of a proud, aristocratic feudal house. The wealth and heritage of the hotel make it one of the most admired buildings in Seville.


Tel: (+351) 210994958

Headquarters: Av. Álvaro Pais 12 D 1600-007 Lisboa



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