Dazzled by foggy mornings that turn into sunny afternoons which day by day get longer. Flowers bloom on bare branches and the idea of renewal and reforestation comes to mind.

Long weekends and holidays color the days. The restlessness spirit screams for travel and new memories and story creation. Ahhh the pleasure of not making the bed, the delight of lying in the sun on a porch and the incredible (forgotten) feeling of not having to look at the mobile phone in simple enjoyment of time and contemplation.

We are passionate about the small details: warmly prepared rooms, uncomplicated services and providing moments in our style: at ease!



Nature & Spirit hotels are

surrounded in a green atmosphere that is

good for the soul.

Historic & Tradition include mannor houses, convents, castles and exquisite - classy lodges.

Cosmo hotels are minimal, rbanc where art and design combine.





The grand expectation of a Unique Stays getaway. Freshness, Natural Juices and time to enjoy. Afterall it's the start of the day!

Free Wifi


Even in remote places, no complications, nor costs, we are connected.



We know every corner and neighboring, therefore we can advise what to do and see to take maximum advantage of each hotel and its destination.



Even the humblest Unique Stays lodge offers cleaning services. Comfort in a cosyness mean.

Swimming Pool & Well-Being


Not every Unique Stays offer a swimming-pool but all offer wellness and joyful alternatives.

Late Check-Out

There are places where we rather stay for a little longer. Unique Stays bookings offer, when possible check-out at 2 pm




Wedding proposals you won't forget. Bachelor parties and wedding nights carefully designed.

Hit the road and discover 2 or 3 different Unique Stays that combine so well together...



Wine & Wine


Slow Food lovers, this is your call! Wine tasting sessions and workshops to know all about this magical nectar.

Sweet Refuges For 2


Weekends or Getaways of Celebration, accessible with a Sweet gift included to Share and Cheer.

Travel Concierge (Moroco)


Planning a big trip? Let's draw a unique route with Tour Guide with Morocco Portfolio !

Kids & Toddlers


"Happy Memories" cult in selected hotels for families traveling with babies, toddlers and kids. Worldschooling culture.

Kids & Toddlers


"Happy Memories" cult in selected hotels for families traveling with babies, toddlers and kids. Worldschooling culture.



In case of doubt: Voucher. In case of love and gift: Voucher. Valid fo 6 months (renewable)

with a pre-designed amount by you.

Pet Friendly


Not only admited but welcomed. Know the hotels that best receive pets.

Thank you Unique Stays team for ensuring comfort of Motoxplorers clients on the most demanding routes.

Team MX



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