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Serene & Secret Path of Portugal

 The Slow Travel Itinerary - North Cycling Route, is a discovery experience in Portugal on two wheels. With five stages, this route offers a unique opportunity to explore the northern part of the country in a tranquil and authentic way.

Over 350 kilometers of selected roads, you will have the chance to discover some of the most charming places in Portugal, while enjoying stays in quality and comfortable hotels, partners of UniqueStays.

We start in Minho, at Hotel Minho,, then head to  Hotel FeelViana in Viana do Castelo. From there, we go to the Peneda-Gerês National Park, staying at  Casa do Eido, and then continue to Água Hotelsin Mondim de Basto. On the 4th day, we descend to  Morgadio da Calçada, and the journey ends with two nights of pure connection with nature at  Casas do Côroin Marialva and SPA treatment.


 The Unique Stays Bicycle Tour experience brings together all the services so you can enjoy and connect with Nature, maintaining comfort and charm:

- Landscape of Mountains and Vineyards;

- Electric Bicycles;

- Wine tasting;

- Stay in 6 Boutique Hotels;

- Breakfast, Lunch Box and Dinner Included;

- Transfer from Porto to Minho and Marialva to Porto;

- Guided Tour.


This trip isn't reserved for seasoned cyclists or professionals. It's tailored for amateurs with active lifestyles who crave pushing beyond the ordinary, stepping into surpassing personal boundaries. Ideal for those who relish active days and outdoor pursuits, it beckons to individuals seeking fresh adventures beyond their comfort zones.

This journey invites you to discover the unseen corners of Northern Portugal. Amidst stunning landscapes and charming villages, you'll pedal through lush vineyards and picturesque routes, savoring every moment at a leisurely pace. Overall, this journey promises an unforgettable experience for anyone seeking to discover the beauty, culture, and sustainability of Northern Portugal through the lens of a remarkable cycling adventure

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