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Slow Pace, bringing everyone we love: Travel with your Pet

There are few better feelings than enjoying good times, without the guilt impression of leaving someone behind. There is enormous pleasure in calmly savoring Alentejo, at such a unique pace that just by imagining makes your shoulders and your brows relax...

Grândola is a very unique Alentejo, with warm colors and long sunsets, with the background sound of cicadas and birds singing in their frenetic rhythm of whom love this Nature. Sobreiras faces low fields, the cork oaks and olive trees as far as the eye can reach, where our four-legged friend accompanies us at a calm pace, also sensing this connection.

Trail ends where the night begins, under a majestic blanket of stars that now gives way to an orchestra of crickets and frogs that combine perfectly with a glass of wine together with the sighing of our dog who now gives in to tiredness.

There is a book, two feet in the pool water and a day that was filled with walks and training. This is how Travel with your Pet happens: in iconic Unique Stays® places where pets are more than just admitted, they are, in an uncomplicated way, welcome.

Tiago Rosado from Mundo Alão is the mentor and coach of these programs, in partnership with Unique Stays®. He is a dog trainer and manager of the Mundo Alão brand, having developed more than 5 Charming Accommodation + Dog Training initiatives, in addition to his dog training and rehabilitation activities, participating in multiple competitions for over a decade. Participation is limited to optimize training, and you can find all the information here .

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