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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

It is definitely a Break and it shouldn't be Fast at all. As the start of the day, should feel conscious and pleasant. One of the obsessions of ours at Unique Stays hotels & houses are the breakfast. It is not about food nor dish serving. It is the continuation of the guest's experience and in some cases the high point of the stay.

Some guests skip them, some live to start the day with a good one. Breakfasts are a huge concern in our selection of hotels and lodges, with special emphasis on 3 things: the atmosphere of the room, the mood and feeling of the staff and off course, the food.

1) The Atmosphere of the Room

No ugly smells from previous night cookings, nor boiled milk fragrances. And since we brought the sensorial subject, the smell of fresh brewed coffee is amazing as well as hot bread and home made bakes of cakes and breads. That will take everyone out of bed.

Making sure no noise from machines and fridges is disturbing the room atmosphere, keeping the environment calm and somewhat energetic (but not exaggerated) . A smooth music, volume low, preferably no-tv nor commercials, please!

It should have the right light: not too aggressive for our sleepy eyes, nor too dark so we can see the food properly. And some newspaper or tablets to check whatever news or informations or just to keep some solo traveller guests accompanied.

When I was a kid I spend most of my youth luckily in hotels, sometimes as far as 5 kms away from home, for our family loved celebrating anniversaries and small events away from home, in nice hotels. And I always remember I had two major expectations: what will the room be like- the decoration, the floor, will there be small toiletries and tony soaps on the bath, what will the bed feel like. The second was, naturally the breakfast: should we try something different from home, will the cooker spoil us with some live cooking, will there be exotic fruits and juices to indulge our senses?

2) Mood and Feeling of the Staff

Definitely starting the day on a cue to get to breakfast is a no-go! Managing that can be challenging as well. When the hotel is with full capacity and we know that there is a big probability that everyone gets out of bed at he same time, extending the breakfast hours or offering, in advance, breakfast in the bedroom with no extra-charge can be an option. Reducing circulation and permanence time of guests on the room can be done with simple steps such as coffee service to the table, table service rather than buffet, possibility to have breakfast on outdoor instead of only on the room, etc. The staff should be attentive, available and in a good mood guests want to talk to and ask for advice or news. Giving the opportunity to connect is crucial.

3) Food

Might seem obvious to be one of the most important thing of a breakfast in a hotel, but actually sometimes it seems not. Yes, some hotels serve around 300 lt of juice per day, nevertheless should be natural, fresh made at whatever cost. Variety of breads and bakery is also an important consideration and choose making pancakes and waffles on time over having them cold and un-eaten. Minding all kinds of preferences and demands of guests is what hospitality is all about. A selection of food that concerns diets, diabetics, gluten-free, vegan and all sort of preferences is a must.

What was your most memorable Breakfast in a hotel ever?

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