Packing Tips

Use compression bags for clothes: saves space

Roll clothes: saves space and makes them less wrinkly

Ziplocks bags: toothpaste, perfume, shampoo etc, not to get dirty clothes: liquids

One change for a day, or even less: some people tent to simply trow things and then decide

Electronic gadgets: 1 cloth bag

Carry cloths bags for used clothes

Change of clothes in cloth bags: so you can take only one without mixing and wrinkling

Make a "packing list" of what you need _ finish the suitcase and see the list again

Pick out what you think you need, and cut it in half

The first time I read this tip, I thought it was absolute insanity. Then, one time I actually tried it, and you know what? I didn’t regret it at all! While this may initially feel like a slow painful form of packrat torture, doing this will cut you down to the exact essentials you’ll actually need. I honestly think that overpacking is hardwired in us, which is why doing this exercise is so helpful.

Wear the most space-consuming clothes on the plane

Winter: Don`t take big jackets but several clothes instead

Don`t take things ''just in case''

Always leave room from shopping

Valuable things: in personal wallet (with us), only clothes in the suitcase, he can get lost

Know your airline's baggage-fee policy



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