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Tips for Better Sleeping

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

More and more people live automatically and less in the present moment. We increasingly give less importance to our mental health and our physical rest, to prioritize work. We forget the family moments, the coffee with friends or the kiss to the partner. We are too used to living in the stress bubble, we run from home to work and from work to home, still thinking about what we just left behind. But it is just as important to stop, disconnect and enjoy the good side of life, as Bon-vivants we want to be!

And if in the middle of all this mess, take a day a week, one day a month to rest? A hotel, for example! Breakfast is served in bed, you don't have to worry about the dishes or other daily tasks, you can even enjoy a good wine by the fireplace or a relaxing massage! Just thinking about it makes you want to slow down the day and take advantage of this suggestion.

But, we also know that it isn't always possible to do so and that is why we leave some tips for a rest ritual before going to sleep, to have a peaceful night and without the insomnia that leaves us in bed.

We will not start counting sheep, but take note of our advice:

1. Meditate. Before going to bed, meditate 5 minutes, it will keep your mind calm and relaxed to sleep better.

2. A warm bath before bed will help you relax your muscles and take the urge to rest in bed.

3. Mobile phones, televisions and other electronic devices are expressly prohibited in the room! They are an easy distraction, and they take away our sleep. Instead read, reading helps you stay focused and is easier to relax. Or write, writing helps to release anxiety and frustration. Put your worries on paper, take a deep breath and send them away.

4. A warm and cozy tea before falling asleep works miracles. Try it.

5. And more importantly, if you are unable to fall asleep, don't force yourself to sleep, this will cause more frustration and irritability which will hamper your rest.

What's your secret to fall asleep fast? Share your thoughts ;)

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