Traveling through Portugal, next stop: South of Portugal

We continue on our way and our next stop overflows with tranquility, endless landscapes, incredible sunsets and an incomparable environment.

Lose yourself by golden wheat and bright paths that you will know ;)

On this trip, talk essentially about rural tourism. It exists all over the country, but it is very associated with the South of Portugal.

But what is rural tourism? Do you know?

Own and differentiating characteristics of tourism. Its main objective is to offer guests cultural experiences from the region they are visiting. In addition to allowing direct contact with the surrounding nature, promoting unique experiences: Picnics on the estates, horseback riding or pedestrians on the trails that involve the farms, activities related to wine tourism, activities related to relaxation (yoga, meditation), among others .

The personalized service and the welcoming stay are also some of the many characteristics that define this type of tourism.

But what to visit?

You must visit Alqueva! It is magnificent. Here you will find the Great Lake, the largest artificial lake in Europe, where you can do countless activities: fishing, water sports, boat trips, among others.

It is the ideal place to relax and observe nature. But that is not all! Alqueva presents its majestic "creation": Dark Sky Alqueva. I venture to say that it is an open-air planetarium, where you can observe the vastness of the sky, its stars and constellations. The night beauty of Alentejo under your eyes.

Our advice? Lose yourself in the mantle of stars that covers the night in Alentejo ... It's a must

Next, we meet in Grândola. One of the most chosen tourist destinations in the Alentejo region. Full of history and with beaches full of charm and quality: Praia da Comporta, Praia da Aberta Nova, Paraia do carvalhar, etc. It has a beautiful mountain range, an extensive plain and a beautiful coastal area. It's a magical place, for everyone.

Finally, we reach Évora, the "capital" of Alentejo. A place of magic and history from Roman times: Stone streets, Roman temple, Chapel of Bones ... Traces of history in every corner.

A beautiful heritage left by the Roman Empire. It is incredible to be able to travel in time and get to know other cultures through their creations. Don't you agree?

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