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What We Love About Hotels

Finding accommodation is one of the most important steps when planning a trip, and we are increasingly looking for experiences that make us feel like we are the most important guests, to tailor-made stays to one's tastes and feeling at home. We look for hotels that provide a high level of exclusivity, personalization and original services. We believe hotels are impact the experience of the vacation vastly.

Here are some of the things we love about hotels:

1. Welcome Letter and Drinks

Nothing feels better than arriving at your hotel room after a long journey and being greeted with a handwritten welcome letter. Or a welcome drink. Or both. Small but warm gesture.

2 . The Experiences

Hotels are not only made to sleep, they are a place to relax, to make wonderful experiences! In Cooking & Nature you can enjoy the calmness of the forest and take a cooking class, at Quinta do Vallado a bike ride followed by a picnic on the river or high in the vineyards can become a lifetime memory. Imagine simply enjoying a cup of tea under a century tree, in a white iron chair and be surprised by the peacocks at the Solar do Conde. 3. Superb Breakfast

Leaving the hotel room in the morning and smelling the freshly baked croissants or the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee is one of the most awaited moments of the stay. Breakfast is one of the most important meals and represents the start of the day. Hotels offer you a wide variety of choices from American, continental, or even natural/organic breakfast and we insure usage of food from local and small farm productions. Breakfast served in the room is also one of the best experiences during the trip for we are on vacation we deserve it!

4. Hotel with Pets

If you are an animal lover, nothing can bring more joy than a pet friendly hotel, so that you can always travel with your best companions, whether dogs or cats. Here are some examples of Unique Stays Hotels for you: Chão do Rio; Casas do Côro; The Nest; Cambeiros Guest House.

5 . Pools

A pool is always a good addition on an hotel especially when you have a breath-taking view of the Alentejan landscape like at Serenada Enoturismo, enjoying a Gin & Tonic watching the sea at Noah Surf House or an indoor pool with relaxation jets facing the Monastery of Batalha such as in Hotel Villa Batalha

6 . The Service

Arriving at a hotel and being greeted by smiling and caring people who show interest and concern for us is one of the best feelings during vacation: it make us being at home rather than at an impersonal random hotel. The beauty of a hotel does not (only) come from the interior design but also from the staff that works there.

7 . The Little Gestures

When hotels staff provide extra services, such as, buying a bouquet of flowers so I can surprise my partner, transforming the room for a romantic night or even something as simple providing services of babysitting so parents can have a night out or just a simple dinner alone. 8. Smart tech

With the evolution of innovative technologies, hotels are able to provide more and more comfort to guests. Rooms equipped with voice controls, blackout blinds, control of ambient lights through tablets, acoustic comfort and even floor heating as found in the Areias do Seixo hotel are some of the examples.

Unique Stays Collection offers a wide variety of stays from Nature & Spirit to connect your mind and soul with the best Mother Nature has to offer, to Historic and Tradition that takes us on a journey through time, transporting us to past times where time flowed with a lightness rarely found nowadays and also Cosmo, a selection of units with eye-catching, urban design, in contrast with a cosmopolitan rhythm.

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